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The world has entered in a new industrial revolution whose core is digital and innovation.

France’s history shows a continuum of Excellence in education and is recognized in the domains of Science & Technology. This allow us to be at the forefront in the global competition, answering today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Preparing our youth for these challenges is a long-term effort with a constant need of sharing information’s, exchanges and transmission of the passion for science and future challenges. The F.I.T.E.S Association focuses on Excellence Education, as well as an accompaniment in the realization of internships based on partnerships with large groups, SMEs / SMIs and research laboratories.

The objective is to give all the children of our country independently of their social classes and in a deep attachment to republican equality, the tools enabling them to prepare their futures better by the prism of Science and Technology.

The Association F.I.T.E.S organizes its missions on the three fundamental axes below:


Give a clear view on the courses offer and drive choices to open multidisciplinary excellence.

The richness and diversity of the training cycles in France is a major force, but their existence and access are sometimes  unknow by our youth. Whether for short educational cycles, universities or engineering schools we provide an overview in partnership with schools to educate our young people about opportunities to build their futures. The projects are organized around visits to Excellence institutions and events dedicated to Science & Technology.


Give the passion of Science and Technology through a diversity of  French experts from the Industry and their fields of application.

The model of the F.I.T.E.S Association is based on the support and accompaniment of French experts and scientists who volunteer to introduce their professional activities in high schools, universities and engineering schools. They share their jobs, experiences and backgrounds by adapting messages to children and students. They share their passion.


Inspire the children's future by working in collaboration with teachers and industrial partners in order to clarify the professional perspectives.

Each year, the FITES Association actively collaborates with a selected school in setting up a series of internships. This  allows children and students to discover a scientific theme in the fields of Digital, Electronics and Computing with companies and partner laboratories. This also offers to the students the opportunity to discover scientific and technological environments that encourage the emergence of career opportunities.