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Association F.I.T.E.S.
Tél : 06 12 20 25 50
Mob : 06 12 20 25 50

Cration and technical support

Agence Web Carré Plus
14 avenue de l'Europe
77144 Montévrain
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Commitment of Association F.I.T.E.S.

Even for a fee, Association F.I.T.E.S. Undertakes not to communicate any of its nominative databases (e-mails, contact details ...) to any third party. As a result, we refuse to expose posteriori to participants in external commercial or advertising campaigns unrelated to the use of Association F.I.T.E.S ..

Informatique et Liberté

In accordance with the French law "Informatique et Libertés", all persons quoted in this service have a "right of access and rectification" for the information concerning them.



The French law of 11 March 1957 authorizing under Article 41 (2) and (3), only "copies or reproductions strictly reserved for the private use of the copyist and not intended for use Collective ", and, on the other hand, that analyzes and short quotations for example and illustration," any representation or full or partial reproduction made without the consent of the author or his successors Right or title, is unlawful "(paragraph 1 of Article 40). Any representation or reproduction, by any process whatsoever, would thus constitute an infringement punishable by articles 425 et seq. Of the penal code. All the contents presented on is covered by the moral rights and the economic rights of the author. The latter is the exclusive owner of the intellectual property rights and database producer concerning:
  • The organization and presentation of the service,
  • Controls, modalities, procedures, interfaces and more generally all the components, creations, illustrations and texts of the service,
  • The data available on the service.
As such, the extraction and / or reuse of a substantial portion of the content available on the service can only be granted by the owner of Association FITES. is the property of FITES Association.