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F.I.T.E.S Internships & Trophies

F.I.T.E.S Internships & Trophies

By carre

The FITES Association actively participates in the beginning of each academic year by proposing a series of internships allowing children’s and students to discover a scientific theme in the fields of Digital, Electronics, Computing with companies and partner laboratories. This offer students the opportunity to discover scientific and technological environments that encourage the emergence of career opportunities

This approach is based on internships proposals from companies and partner laboratories, but also from topics proposed by the Association itself.

The internships are the subject of a challenge based on the best report preparation and capacity to childrens to exploit their first experience

The trophies (work station, digital tablets, ..) reward the work of the best childrens / students.

Your donations are therefore very useful to accompany our missions and participate in the dissemination of knowledge by merit and work.